You just have to add your own personal content and you're set to go!

A website is a grouping of interconnected web pages.   Each individual web page contains content.   This content usually consists of text and images.   It may also contain videos, audio, or links to other websites.

A template is an outline, pattern or blueprint used as a guide to make or create something.

A Website Template is a set of pre-created design files for building a web site.

If you want to build a website and you don't have any web programming knowledge, then a website template is a great option.

The code of a website template is intended to be adjusted a bit to meet your site's requirements. You will most likely feel the need to replace most, if not all of the content of the website template with your own. This would consist of re-naming all the page names, titles, content text and images.

Using a website template is the perfect option for anyone on a tight budget. Hiring a professional website designer can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Learning website design programming such as HTML, PHP, CSS or any other could take quite a while.

Benefits of using a Website Template:

       →   Price - you can get them free
       →   Pre-coded - you don't have to learn any website programming
       →   Ease of use - user-friendly (they're virtually plug-and-play)

The biggest negative to using a website template is that there may be another site out there which looks exactly like yours. Of course there is always the possibility that someone else might be using the same template that you are using. While this may be the case, remember that you will be changing the color scheme, changing the text, and switching out the images on your site. These changes will very easily make your site look and feel entirely different from another site which is using the same website template. Besides that, you should consider the fact that there are tens of millions of websites out there. With all those millions of sites, don't you think that there are tons of sites that have the same layout and color schemes?


When deciding on which website template to go with, there a few things which to consider. The main concern for most of us is, of course, the price. You can spend up to a hundred dollars on a template, or you can opt for one that's free. Whenever I'm caught deciding between free and shelling out a hundred dollars, I opt for free. It's much cheaper (Yeah, I know).

Other considerations include things such as layout and ease of altering. The layout of the site is, of course, entirely subjective. The ease of making your alterations may be a little more complicated. You want to get a template which is as easy to alter as possible. This means that your template should be as close to 'plug-and-play' as it can. You want one that you can simply replace the text, color scheme and images with your own.


When replacing the template pictures with your own, it is crucial that your picture has the exact same dimensions as the template's picture. Otherwise, the whole layout of the site may be skewed. This is done by first obtaining the dimensions of the template picture, and then altering you picture to match these dimensions.

We have all heard the expression 'a picture's worth a thousand words', but when creating a web site, you still want to include those 'thousand words'. This is done because a searcher can't search for any of those 'thousand words' if they're 'shown' in a picture. Why then, do we need pictures on our websites? Mainly because they make the site look cool.

One last word on images: Once you have the pictures that you want to put on your website and you have altered their dimensions to match those of the images on your template, you should then re-scale (or re-size) them to be as small as possible but still show clear on the site. This is done by lowering the dpi (dots per inch) of the picture.


The best parts about using a website template are the price (thousands are available for free) and the ease of use (just replace their content with yours). You just download a template, customize it a bit and upload it to your host. You could have your website up and running in a couple of hours.