Set-up fee

The set-up fee is exactly what you thought it is. It is a fee which a web host company charges to set up your web hosting account. It usually ranges anywhere from free to a few dollars. It is a one-time fee. Most web hosting companies do not charge a set-up fee (free).

Monthly Cost

The monthly cost is the amount that web hosting companies charge per month to maintain your web site on there server. It is usually your biggest consideration when deciding which web hosting company to choose from. Monthly cost can range from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. Average monthly cost is about $6. It is recommended not to pay any more than $10 per month unless your site has specific needs requiring special features.

Domain Name fee

The domain name fee is usually a yearly charge that you pay for your domain name. You don't have to get your domain name from your web hosting company. You can get your domain from one place and your Web Hosting from another. The domain name fee can cost anywhere from a couple of dollars to about $15 if it is available. If you want a domain name that isn't available (owned by someone else) you will probably have to pay quite a bit more for it.


Most web hosting companies offer some sort of money-back guarantee. Some are 30 days; some 60 days; some 90 days; and some offer an “anytime” money-back guarantee.