What is the one big thing that can make or break your Business Site?

Those visiting your business website are there for a reason.   Either they clicked a link to your site, or, they navigated directly to it.   If they navigated directly to it, they probably knew of the site or they were given a link to from some other source.   If they clicked a link to it, they were following that particular link because it contained an image or text that caught their eye.

The # 1 Secret of a Great Business Website Design
However they arrived, once they're there, you mission is to keep them there.

Although your site is full of interesting content, you've got to keep in mind that your competition's site is also full of interesting content.   You're job then, is to distinguish your site from the competitions' by offering something besides content.

That's where your site's design comes in to play.   Your site must have a look and a feel to it which is very different than the competitions does.   At the end of the day, it is the design of the site that will make or break it.

This brings to question:

What is the number 1 secret of a great business website design?

If you were to take a look at the most successful business websites, you'll find that they all have one thing in common.   That one thing is:

They have an environment that makes their visitors feel safe, secure and at ease.

There is a consistent emphasis on safety and security.   Visitors to successful business websites have no second thoughts about danger or insecurity.

Effective Website Design
You, as a website designer, must therefore strive to make your visitors feel safe and at ease.   You need to have a respectable-looking shopping cart with no complications.   You'll need an easy-to-use navigation menu.   In general, you'll need an all-around strong emphasis on safety and security.

In addition to an attractive looking site, the design should stress safety and security in a professional manner.   A visitor won't stay on a site that looks like it's been quickly thrown together by a novice.   Everything on the site should suggest that it is a professional business site that you can trust.   You want the site's appearance to be as comprehensive, reliable and trustworthy as possible.

A potential customer will be very hesitant to enter his or her credit-card info into a form if there is any sense of insecurity or safety.

Ultimately, the survival of your business website may depend on its ease of use and its security.   As a designer, you should ensure your design reflects professionalism, user safety and all-around trustworthiness.