Most web sites could run on either platform

Linux vs. Windows

You're shopping for a web site hosting company;   you know how much disk space you'll need;   you know how much bandwidth you'll need;   but which platform should you use – Windows or Linux? Well, for starters, you definitely shouldn't overly worry about it because most web sites could run on either platform.   In fact, the two are virtually interchangable unless you're using a platform–specific program.  

One common misconception is that Windows hosting would work better when using a Windows operating system such as XP, Vista or Windows 7.   Guess what – it doesn't.   When it comes to hosting, the platform is independent from the operating system.   You can run a web site on a Linux server or a Windows server and someone viewing it on a computer using a Windows operating system wouldn't see a difference.

Look at some web site hosting companies and you'll notice that some of them charge a little less money for Linux hosting.   That is because Linux, as opposed to Windows, is open source software (free).   Also, the associated costs of running a Linux web server are generally cheaper than the costs of running a Windows web server.   These include the costs of licensing and ongoing maintenance.

Linux hosts are usually easier to deal with, more secure, and far more stable

If you plan on using any technologies which are Windows based, then you would have to use a Windows–based web site hosting plan.   Windows based technologies include programs such as: ASP, MS Front Page, MS Expression Web, MS Visual Web Development, MS Publisher or any other program with an "MS" (Microsoft) in its name.

A major difference between Linux and Windows is the type of server.   Linux generally uses Apache as their web server and Windows generally uses IIS as their web server.   For scripting, Linux generally uses PHP or PERL and Windows generally uses ASP or   When it comes to database servers, Linux web servers usually use MySQL or PostgreSQL and Windows web servers usually use MS SQL.

The differences between the Windows and Linux are much less than one might think.   When the time comes to choose a web hosting company, it is strongly recommended you pick one that has all of the features you want, and not worry so much about which operating platform they' re running.

For a listing of website hosting companies that offer a Linux hosting or Windows hosting or both, go to the Website Hosting Power Search at and opt for either "Windows" or "Linux" (or check both) in the Platform box.