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Domain parking is the registration of a domain name without assigning the domain to any particular services. This is usually done to house the domain until it is ready to be developed into a website. It is a simple way to make money from your undeveloped domain names. Your domain names will display targeted advertising links generated by a parking company. Domain parking is an advertising practice used primarily by domain name registrars and Internet advertising publishers to monetize type-in traffic visiting an under-developed domain name. The domain name will usually resolve to a page containing relevant advertising listings and links.

Parking Sites like Sedo.com offer a domain parking service, which generates the page with the pay-per-click links on it that redirect the visitor to other sites which might be relevant. You could also set up your own parked page, and just put pay-per-click ads on it of your own.

Check to see whether a fee is associated with transferring the domain. Checking for validity is very simple, a WHOIS on their domain name, or a simple search on the Internet (Google, Yahoo search) for their business name. Include the word scam, fraud into the query to specifically ask for negative results and if you could not find any relevant results then it could be they are really legitimate or they have changed their names, use another email address, use another company name or you are being worked by a new (not necessary inexperienced) scammer. Check to make sure you are using the right Logins and Passwords at the right area. The Login Id and Password are for access to the free modification functions from www.cadomains.ca , and the CIRA User Account and Private Password is to confirm information changes to CIRA.

Domain parking is really domain "monetization" business. Domain parking is the simple concept of taking a domain that you own, placing it on a host, and creating a website filled with ads. If a person happens to "stumble-upon" the website, there will be related content (to the domain name) that may lead them to what they are looking for. Domain Parking is an advertising practise used mostly by domain registrars and internet advertising publishers to earn revenue from type-in traffic to an blank domain. The domain will typically resolve to a page containing nothing but adsense ads or links to affiliate programs.

Sedo is a excellent choice . All you need do is buy an excellent domain name that is related to the niche you are targeting and then re-direct it to the parking company name server. Sedo is one of the more internationally oriented parking companies. This makes it your best choice for parking your country-specific domains.