In these tough times, just about everyone could use some extra money in their bank account.   Without a doubt, starting a home based web business is the easiest and fastest way to do this.   There is something most don't realize.   That is:   starting a home based web business is also the cheapest.   In fact, starting a home based web business is so cheap can be done virtually free.   Notice that I didn't say free, I said virtually free.   The reason for this is because everything you need to start a home based web business can be obtained and set up free, with one exception - website hosting.

Starting a home based web business is so cheap can be done virtually free.

You have probably seen some ads or come-ons that claim to offer you free website hosting.   But once you start looking further into the claim, you'll quickly find out that there is always a catch.   They usually give you free website hosting for a short period of time and then start charging later.   In order to get the free part of the deal, they'll want your credit card info up front.

The best way to obtain website hosting for your home based business is to find a website hosting company that offers their services dirt cheap.   By dirt cheap, I mean less than $4 per month with no catch.   Therefore, what should be looking for, is not free hosting, but the cheapest business hosting.   Not only can you find a website hosting company offering their service for under $4 per month, but you can also get your domain name completely free.

Cheapest Business Hosting can easily be found

Hosting shouldn't cost more that a few bucks a month

You could spend hours or even days doing the research on where to get the cheapest website hosting. After going through all that needless research, you'll end up with the same short list of hosting companies that everyone else who did the same research did. I went through the exact same process, checking out site after site, and found the following to be the best and cheapest out there. Most of these website hosting companies will also give you a free domain name.

To cut to the chase, here is the list of website hosting companies offering the cheapest business hosting services, including a free domain name, for less than $4 per month:

For a complete listing of all the major website hosting companies with all available options, visit our Hosting Power Search page.
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When starting a home based business, you'll need a web site and a domain name. There is no reason to pay more than a few dollars a month for hosting. And there is definitely no reason to pay anything for a domain name when it can be obtained free.